Monday, May 28, 2007

The great thing about this is... Well I haven't quite figured that out.

I've had a not so busy week, it actually went by rather fast. I didn't get home from Nat's till Monday. I got to see the Emmon's again on Sunday and that was fun. We went to see SP3 again since Nat hadn't seen it. It was more fun the second time and I noticed more of the music. The best part of this week was when I went to see Pirates I loved it. I want to see it again just cause. We went to another advanced showing it was awesome. I am not sure if Nat saw it or not, she was supposed to meet us but she changed her mind. So I didn't get to hang out with Nicki and Ryan. Poo.

I finally got to dinner with mom and the lovely little sister on Friday. We went to Red Robin and had a ball. The waiter was extremely cute and made us laugh the whole time. We spent a bit of time trying to decide where to go but it was worth it. And we rented Dream Girls and Catch and Release. I enjoyed but probably won't watch them again. I love musicals but I was so bored with Dream Girls and all its drama. And I love Jennifer G. but I am still not sure how I view the movie. Last night we rented Because I Said So and man where we in for a surprise. And I don't mean the good kind. My baby brother was sitting there watching it with me and I almost choked. Yeah the guys where kind of hot according to my sister but all the references to sex was not what I had in mind for that evening.

And speaking of yesterday it was a nightmare. I wasn't feeling well and I still don't I am so off. I was supposed to go with Nat to Robbie's graduation but I didn't and I was supposed to spend the night and I didn't. I didn't really feel up to it, I wasn't really in the mood to be company. And then I felt extremely guilty for not going especially since she really wanted me to be there for her. Little sister wouldn't go because she was invited to a party and she preferred that as well as little brother. I was also invited but wasn't interested in the company of 12, 13, and 14 year old kids that evening. Normally I would have gone but I wasn't up to it. So later on in the day when I was feeling better I went with mommy down to the yarn shop and we hung out and got lunch it was fun. I felt so much better. And then that evening I went with dad to the Roberts house and had dinner with them. The whole family was invited but of course the siblings didn't go and mommy stayed home to be there in case they needed something. It was fun we had steak and wine, and we sat out by the pool. I loved it because I just got to relax. And then it got ugly. I got into a little text fight with Rani which turned into a real fight and now we aren't friends. Which by the way I don't mind because I refuse to be treated like the victim and then as if I was at fault. I don't have time for stupid games. I was so mad earlier but I just had to let it go. I came home and went to Wal -mart with mommy, we hung out and ate junk til 3 in the morning and I felt so much better.

And then today, I missed church this morning but I didn't feel to guilty I needed my sleep. I got up I think at 11:30 something and service was almost over. I sat around watching mommy look for new yarn and ate ice cream. And at about 12:30 Summer's mom called and asked me to babysit. So I went over there at 4 and came home about 8. And begged and pleaded with mommy until she took me to Wendy's to get chicken nuggets and a frosty. It was yummy I loved it. And then I have spent the rest of the evening writing music, knitting a scarf, reading a few mysteries and watching a bit of television. Over all it wasn't that bad of a day.

I am just hoping that tomorrow will lift me up. I have been off all week and I am totally tired of it. I want to be slightly happy again. And I want my family to stop asking wants wrong with me and why am I being to rude. Yeah I'm hoping on tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Camera Dilemma and other things I forgot to mention.

So you know how I got a new camera for my birthday? Yeah? Well it doesn't have a usb cord or a dock. So that means I can't load my pictures. And it totally sucks. I have all these lovely pictures of the kids in my neighborhood and the concert i worked last Friday. Which by the way was amazing. Jackson Waters = love. And lots of it, tons of it actually. Building 429 was great too. Mommy especially loved them. She just thinks that Jason is so hott. lol. If she reads this she'll kill me.

And back to another busy weekend. Yes! And why I am excited I have no idea. But what I do know is that I get to hang out with Ryan tomorrow. And... I'm going to a Tool concert! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. I have scored tickets to a sold out show. Uh-huh, uh huh. Yup. Nicky had two extra tickets and she's taking me and B. I am sorry Tommy but I am the new favorite in town. And I can't wait. I am also so happy that my hair is done so that I don't have to worry about it. Although sitting still for 3 hours wasn't what I had planned but it was so worth it. And again I can't post pictures.

Blah. I got my new contacts. Yes, yes! And I also got colors. And another saddening moment of no pictures. Haha. Oh well. I am so excited about tomorrow. Which now is today because it is 2 in the morning. And what am I doing still up might you ask? I have no idea. Oh right I was waiting up with B while she gets the rest of her hair done. Mhmm. Yeah what was I thinking. Its already been 3 hours. The things we do for beauty.

I went to see Norbit yesterday. And I didn't like. It was okay I mean it was funny but lame. And I was expecting something different. But I guess that's what happens when you expect things. Mommy and I watched music and lyrics last night. I loved it. But then again I love anything with Hugh Grant in it. I love his voice. I totally loved it's perspective on lyrics and melody. I mean you can't dictate what comes first. The funny thing was that I am a lot like the character that Drew Barrymore plays. Yeah I talk to myself and I kill plants.

Ah... It looks like b is almost done. Yes! I am aching I need some sleep. I wish I hadn't finished my book earlier that way I could read while I wait. I was delving into another Nancy Drew mystery. I read them over and over. I love all the originals. They are the best. I am not sure about the new series so far it has been okay. I doubt that I will even find the new movie that's coming out even a tad amusing. I hate when people take good books and ruin them.

Okay I'm now grumpy. That means sleep is beckoning to me. Night.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just a second ago.

I got my Leeland CD in the mail. Love, love, love! Yes, I am screaming the lyrics at my dog. Who by the way is ignoring me. Oh well I gotta go before the yanked me away.

The cause of this madness has yet to be discovered.

So have you heard? The second Batman movie in the Batman Begins series is on its way. It's called The Dark Night. I can't wait! Although I am not sure how well Heath Ledger will do as the joker. I personally think Jack Nicholson's performance is extremely hard to follow. I am so giddy about this I love the first one. The only big cast change is the Katie Holmes isn't going to be in this one. Not that it would make that big of a difference unless of course if the new girl sucks.
The family and I went to premiere of Spider Man 3. It was okay, not my favorite film of the year. I love the way Toby Maguire looked but I dunno the whole suit change was lame and so was the ending. I mean if you are going to follow the story than do so. My brother is hoping on the fourth and that they follow through and do six movies. But that is all still up in the air, it depends on whether Toby comes back or not.

I have had such a busy week. The family and I worked at the LPGA. And we were always gone. We were the parking and concession. It was fun but a lot of work. I got to meet my big brother's best friend and now he is my second adopted big brother. I love him to bits.

I had a birthday this past Monday. Yeah excitement, I am a whole year older. Nothing that special but fun. I got some cool gifts. B, gave the Thirty Seconds To Mars CD, which by the way I adore. And we are actually listening to it now. She also gave me this cool mug and a sweet anime poster. Little brother gave me the new Keane CD and its awesome. I haven't taken the time to really listen to it but my run though prove that is was worth getting. Mom and dad gave me my favorite Dashboard Confessional CD: A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. I love that CD like I wrote it myself. They also gave me Leeland, I have been dying to get that. Although it hasn't arrived in the mail yet so I haven't listened to it.
This year I also cashed in on the 7 days of my birthday. So I got a present everyday until my birthday. On two of the days I got Godiva chocolate. And I got body wash and body cream from Bath and Body Works. I also got a teddy bear and t- shirt from Bass Pro. I got a new coffee mug and a new Agatha Christie book to add to my collection.
Not to mention that my dad's old boss gave me this sweet camera. I love it man it is so awesome. The siblings and I have spent most of the morning taking pictures and filming ourselves. It has been freakin amazing.

I've got a busy weekend coming up. I work another concert tomorrow and Nat's graduation is Saturday night and so is Brandon's party and the dinner we were invited to. And of course Sunday is Mother's day. I worked a concert last Thursday after I had worked the LPGA all day and then I went to see SP3. Yeah the dumbest day I had ever planned. I also babysat Saturday night. And she wants to go back to working nights so I'm back in business. And it looks like I might be taking that trip to Texas sooner that I had planned and that's a good thing.

Well the siblings are yelling at me I got to get back to my camera. I promise at least to myself to get pictures of my knitting up soon.

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