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hiya! hehe. i'm doing better. still tired but not as sick. my stomach is doing better so well will see. ha. i've been knitting as you can read. i've been spending more time with rori. yay! and jelly bean. hehe. fun times. i love it.

woek is really stressful but as of friday it will be so much better. i joined nanowrimo. national novel writing month. that means i'm pushin out a book in t30 days. now some of you may be thinking how is she going to do that in her busy life. easy. i write all the time. i write to relieve stress. this will be a breeze. haha. at least i hope so.

the rockies didn't win the world series but it is okay we have next year. and matt holiday is awesome. my dad knows him. hehe. i love sports and i don't know why i am not as active in them as i used to be. i should work on that.

im getting a laptop okay so it may not be till christmas or feb but i am getting one none the less and i am excited.

dude i am tired. i can't even type.
i'll be back.

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