Saturday, March 31, 2007

Broken glasses, missing needles, and messy rooms

I promise I will scream if we can't get my glasses fixed soon. I walked into the wall twice this morning. And typing is not all the easy either. I can’t see a thing. This is insanity, I can’t see what I’m reading, writing, or knitting. What am I to do with out the essentials of life. Grr. I’m in bit of a foul mood and I am trying my best to shake it. I got up late this morning. And I didn’t come out until 11:30. I wished I had stayed in that way I wouldn’t have walked into anything. I probably wouldn’t have woken up until much later if it hadn’t been for the constant text messages. I suppose I could be grateful but this morning I just wanted to kill someone.

Projects of the weekend:
1. Finish cleaning room. I have been finishing the cleaning of my room for a couple of days now. And for some reason I just can’t get motivated into finishing the job. And now that I have a great excuse not to clean it (blindness) and I know that it will only hinder me. I am such a procrastinator , I wonder who I inherited that from.
2. Finish socks.Yeah this is a big one. I need a new pair of socks but as of late I’ve been suffering from SSS. I am doing better. But I know its bad when I wasn’t impressed to start the second of the baby socks that I had made. Maybe I’ll just finish the second baby sock so I feel accomplished.
3. Reorganize room.Now technically this will only happen if I actually finish cleaning it. Which I hopefully will but there is no guarantee. Although I desperately need to get this done I can only move as fast as I clean. So this may take awhile.
4. Write! Write! Write!I will never finish my book if I keep letting it slide. I am already 8 weeks behind schedule and its getting worse. *sigh* I may never get this done. And for once I don’t have writer’s block, I am just being lazy.

Yep, hopefully I’ll actually get those things done. I would be so happy. And I’m sure Mommy would be too. But Mommy might not be so happy that I lost yet another knitting needle. I can’t for the life of me remember where I put it. And I can’t find my Knit.1 magazine. I had it two days ago and now I’ve lost it. See, this is why I can never complete a project and I am always losing something. I want to make this cable hoodie its gorgeous but now I have lost the pattern. I am so sad some days. I’m starving so I think I shall go and cram something into my face. I mean conservatively satisfy my urge to indulge in a meal.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Its so exciting that I’m...

Screaming P!ATD lyrics at the computer and trying to decide what my fist post should be about. Should I list the topics of the things I am going to ramble about or should I do an introduction. Or maybe I should just let it be and start with a second post. I dunno, this may be more thinking then I may time for. Uh, hmm, let’s see. Hi. And think we have established ourselves. Right? Don’t you agree? I think you do.

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