Monday, July 30, 2007

Pictures and mail....

This came in the mail today - No Sheep.
Its Bamboo I've been dying to try it.
Thanks Meg. And this is what I am working on with what she last sent me.

The CPH Left Front - I'm sorry that the first picture is so dark.

My bag before I attempt to felt it and the fingerless gloves that I am in love with. I need to finish the other two pairs.

My hat made from the Iceland that My SP sent me.

My first pinwheel and my first spinning wheel and Baby Bootie I think I need two lol.

Its been awhile...

I am so sorry that I haven't updated. I am just recovery from being sick and now that my eyelids are no longer swollen shut I can type. Things have been a bit crazy around here. I've done some shows and been visiting places. Like Porter where I got my Porter peaches and Amish cheese. Yum. The rain has finally stopped and most of the flooding on our end is over. For awhile there it seemed like this rain would never go away.

I have been doing some knitting lately. I did my first hat on DPNs. I used Iceland in circus that my SP10 partner sent me. I started on a new bag but I ripped it all back. I looked up the pictures again and its hideous. So I am going to try something else. I keep finding all these felted bags but I don't like them. I am going to keep looking I may just give it all up and make another one of the one I did before. Oh and I made a pair of baby booties I am working on another pair. I have at least 6 friends having babies right now. So I got to get started on the blankets and sweaters.

Speaking of sweaters I finally got motivated to do some work on my CPH and no w it iw no longer my CPH. My sister gets it. For some reason I even though i got my gauge at least I thought I did its not long enough. Its knitting up really fast I am not going to be bale to where it. So now I am going to find some more yarn and make another one but I'll have to wait until I get paid.

And speaking of getting paid I got a job. Yep. I work full time and its not a bad gig. I get to pull files for doctors all day and that's not that hard. It can get really stressful especially if you have a long list and you still have your walk-ins and you call-ins. But its all good especially since you've got us the "Unstoppable J's".(please note that this was said with a loud announcer voice)The three unstoppable J's can do anything. Nothing gets them down. Come what may they said they will fight all of the clutter paper and put a stop to constant blinking of the full voice mail... Okay let me stop I could go on forever.

I need to get back to working on the meal plan for the week. Mum asked me to help out this week. And its a it of a bummer because everything I want to make is still at the store. And without a car I can't get there. Oh well I'll think of something.

B turned 16, its the craziest thing. I mean it feels like I just turned sixteen. Time is moving way too fast the male sibling turns 15 next month what I am going to do. Soon I won't be able to con them into doing things for me. haha.

I wanna see a movie I haven't seen anything good lately. B saw hairspray she said it was okay but she had seen the Broadway show and an earlier make of the movie so she was a bit bored. I wonder what story line they are going to use for step up2? Mum and I want to see no reservations. I think we're going to wait until payday and have a girls night out.

Speaking of girls night out. We finally journeyed inside of panera's or the tuesday night knitting group and we had a blast. At first we didn't go over cause that's just not our thing but once we did it was so much fun. And we tried some banana taffy that was delish. I want to go again tomorrow but I am not sure that I'll have the transportation.

Oh dear I gotta run and sign up for the secret pal....

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