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Bunco, lack of knitting, third in a series, state fair.

I had an extremely busy weekend. I was this place and that place. I was everywhere. I left home at 7 Friday morning and got home at 9 Sunday night. I was exhausted, I just went to bed but I got up this morning because I realized that I had fallen behind on some things. Like posting here and keeping up in my email box. Lately I just don't have the time or the energy to sit down and read. Oh well I will come up with a better plan.

Friday night I went to a birthday party with Nat and Bean which was a bunco party. It was grand. I had never played bunco before. It was so cool. It took me a few minutes but I finally got the hang of it. Shannon was fun that's whose b-day it was. I had only met her once but she wanted me to come. The chocolate fountain was the best. We had to leave early though so that we could make the drive back to skiatook without falling asleep.

Saturday we were up at 6:45 and heading to the expo building. I worked my first full day at the fair. And man nobody ever tells you how much work take-in can be. And all the stuff that there is. I have never seen so many photos they were all over the place. But I loved it, the only thing I didn't love was the trip to arby's it was to complicated. And we had to go twice. I will never do that again. After we got of work at 6 we headed back towards skiatook but detoured off to see Bourne. We stopped for food, which took us 30 minutes to decide on and headed to the movies. It was great. I loved it. I want to see it again.

Sunday was another early morning but it wasn't until we got downstairs that we found out from Nat's mom that we didn't have to be there until 9:30 but had gotten up at 5:45. Never again, we will ask next time. But I did get to see Ryan and Nikki they had just gotten back from their vacation. I even got an apple. When we did get to work it was easy. My legs were tired from the constant walking but it was okay. I got to pick the brains of some experts on crafts and watch how they work. It was really cool. But the after work of running around and trying to pin things together was not so fun but I know I would do it again.

I feel like a slacker because I didn't get any knitting done. I really need to get working on my projects. I feel like I'm falling behind but there is no one in front of me. I dunno. I might just wait until tomorrow and knit with the ladies at knit nite.

Holy cow, I knew you guys were busy but to see it all spelled out like that, my goodness! At least you're young so you have lots of energy. LOL!!

So, are you allowed to spill the beans on what stuff got ribbons?

See you tomorrow night!

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