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this busy girl got yarn.

last week on Thursday I received a lovely little package in the mail with some gorgeous yarn. knit picks palette in fog, petal, and black. I have already started a project and I think it will be pretty. I will talk more about it once I figure it all out. [to my secret pal: thx so much it was nice to see something in the mail for me.]

other than knitting on my gloves I haven't really been doing a lot in the creative department. I have been reading again and that has been nice. I choose something that would challenge me and something fun. so I have Russian lit and manga. I am content. at least until I finish them I am a bit of a fast reader. actually I just read really fast. but it seems I do a lot of things that way except make up my mind.

it has been extremely busy since I last posted. I meant to put my Christmas questionnaire up that night but I was so sleepy. I just went straight to bed and the next day was my brother's birthday so I hung out with him. and then on Friday I don't think I was home for more than 10 minutes. we rounded up Kim and Rori and headed to the movies. and I loved No Reservations. it was funny, I want to knit all the little hats that the little girl is wearing. the movie made us hungry so afterwards we headed to red robin. which was a hoot and the waiter was amazing, he was so great. I wish we could've hung out with him. he was tons of fun. and of course after that we made our evitable trip to Wal-Mart in order to buy some buttons.

Saturday was an earlier morning. bean and I met Nat at 10 and spent the day with her. we shopped at target and rue 21 while waiting for Applebee's to open. that was fun too, along with another great waiter. who by the way has a bad taste in food. tell me, who eats gravy on biscuits or ranch on pizza or worse fried cheese on a stick. that is disgusting. I spent most of the fair last year with miss cheese on a stick aka Nat. and here it is again more grossness. after fighting about food and sending one plate back and forth to the kitchen we headed to Skiatook. we met up with the rest of the girls, ate tons of food and played charades for Nat b-day party.

Sunday was spent at church and then at Nat's grandma's for lunch. which was pretty cool since I got to meet Jackie and Caleb. I want to hang out with them again. oh and we plan on having a knitting party sleepover type thing. I got a few of the girls that were at the party that go to Nat's church interested in knitting, two of them already knit but want to learn more techniques. not that i am a queen of answers but I definitely know where to find them or who to ask.

Monday and last night were the best of all. I spent time and knitting at starbucks and hanging out with bean and friends. and then last night was my weekly panera knit night. and as always i had fun chilling with Rori. love you Rori! there is always something to make me laugh. whether its geico commercial resemblance or just Tracy's niece talking about what a great dad that squirrel that got run over must have been. I love hanging with these girls.

well I must run to work or I won't get paid. i am really starting to get the hang off it. I'm afraid that soon I'll know what I'm doing. and Justin won't know what to do with me. ^_^

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