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wow. work is tiring.

i apologize to anyone who may have been reading this blog. i will do better with keeping up with it. i am actually looking to buy a laptop so that i can be a bit more mobile. a lot has happened and nothing has happened. mostly work, it feels like a i work a lot but i work the same hours as anyone else. the problem is my personal time hours are hectic so i never sleep. but i'm getting better. i am balancing myself and finding time to enjoy myself. i started my first pair of gloves saturday night and i have finished the base and 2 and an half fingers. i just have the pinky and the thumb to go. i am really enjoying it and i want to make more. i love muttins, arm warmers and gloves. and so far this is the cheapest way to get them since i already have the yarn.

speaking of yarn and i'm trying to to fight off the temptation to buy any. i really want something new and pretty. i might go and buy that debbie bliss yarn that i have been eyeing. it a gorgeous red and i want to make a pair fo fingerless gloves with them. and all i need is one ball so it won't cost me a bunch.

i have been thinking of names for my yarn shop but i have gotten stumped. the problem really is that i want more that just a yarn shop. its about books and music and food. i can see want i want i am just not sure how i am going to get there.

and thinking about getting there i gotta run and post my christmas around the world questionaire. i will post more tomorrow promise. there are more knitting tales i must share.
wow. i sound like my mom.


Your Secret Pal here :)

Just wanted to say hi! I hope things are calming down for you!

Did you by chance get the package I sent? I forgot to add package tracking, and wanted to be sure it didn't get lost in the mail.

Hope all is well!

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